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Inside, you'll find...

  • Three types of great subject lines that increase open rates across industries
  • How to use flattery at scale to persuade your leads to respond immediately
  • New approaches for hooking your prospect, no matter who they are
  • 5 research questions you must answer about your buyer persona
  • Key deliverability tips to help ensure your emails reach your lead’s inbox
  • The strategy behind SalesFolk’s most effective email campaigns that made customers hundreds of millions of dollars

Here's what some of our students are saying about the course:

“Copywriting is one of the most vital skills any business professional or entrepreneur can acquire. Editing, proofreading, and truly copywriting someone else's copy, that's another level entirely. Kathie is copywriter’s copywriter, and my email campaigns wouldn't have performed nearly as well without her edits and guidance. She's simply the best at what she does.”

-Eric Taylor, Commercial Account Executive at CircleCI

“SalesFolk’s Cold Email Crash Course is a lifesaver with onboarding new sales hires, especially the ones that are fresh out of school. Before SalesFolk, our entire sales team was struggling with writing effective cold emails, and we were struggling to set enough appointments with qualified leads to meet quota. At one point I was worried I might have to do layoffs, but the course helped get our entire team’s response rates three times higher in a little over a month. It’s also helping us decrease ramp time for new sales hires.”

-Steve H. | VP Sales at a large Seattle company